Alex Roan

Who I Am

  • Passionate Blockchain developer - Currently building decentralised applications on the Ethereum network.
  • 6 years development experience working for a global leader in data systems and a global leader in logistics.
  • Co-developed data cleansing software which handles hundreds of millions of records annually.
  • Various freelance projects which optimise business processes through intelligent applications & integrations.
  • Currently utilising: Solidity, Truffle, React, Redux, Web3, Laravel Framework and the LAMP stack.
  • Masters Degree in Software Engineering.
  • Many years experience in Solo and Agile workflow environments.

A Few Accomplishments

Things I've made and clients I've worked with.

Easy Ether

Easy Ether

Buy ETH without the fuss

Purchase ETH and ERC20 tokens direct to your connected wallet. No KYC, no Coinbase, no fuss. Integrating web3 with Ramp network to enable seamless crypto purchasing.


Blockchain Development Tutorials

Articles and tutorials on Blockchain Development

Helping developers learn Blockchain Development by covering Blockchain basics, Ethereum, Smart Contract development, Web3, front-end frameworks and how to create Full Stack DApps using Truffle Suite

Signup Carrot

Signup Carrot

Grow Your Email List Signup By Providing Real Value To Your Visitors

Signup Carrot is a startup which aims to increase the rate of email subscriptions to your site by providing visitors with a tangable, valuable, personalised product as a reward for doing so.



Intelligent Integration And Automation

Bespoke business process automation. Integrating Google APIs, Cognito Forms, Wufoo and a self hosted LAMP server to increase conversion and improve user experience.

Things I Do

An overview of what I do for my clients

  • Ethereum Blockchain - Solidity Smart Contract Development.
  • Web3 Decentralized Applications.
  • Custom Web Solutions & Hosting.
  • Agile Development Workflow.
  • CMS Development.
  • Technical Consulting.

How I Got Here

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Software Engineer

LexisNexis Risk Solutions - 2018-2019

Co-developed data cleansing software which handles hundreds of millions of records annually. Technologies used include LAMP stack, Lumen Laravel Framework, Ruby Cucumber. Agile workflow utilising SCRUM and Kanban managed with JIRA platform.

Creo Interactive

Full Stack Web Developer

Creo Interactive - 2017-2018

Developing bespoke websites powered by Wordpress content management system.

Trusted Data Solutions

Software Developer

Trusted Data Solutions - 2015-2017

Reverse engineering legacy data streams to develop restoration applications using the .Net tech stack.

Kerry Logistics Australia

IT Developer

Kerry Logistics Australia - 2012-2013

A Global leader in logistics. I developed Business to Business interoperability using the .Net tech stack.

Aberystwyth University

Masters Degree in Software Engineering

Aberystwyth University - 2010-2015

Acquired Bachelors and Masters Degree in Software Engineering, including a year long industrial placement at Kerry Logistics Australia, a global logistics company.

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